Author: Creedo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/30/2011 10:21:10 PM
Subject: Mael

I talked to my Finnish friend the other day. Here is what was said:

Me: First of all... how are you buddy?? I have missed you! It has been a long time! 2nd.... are you still playing PR at all? I have a few good friends who have taken an interest in the mod and are very good at it!! we play almost every night! We would love to have you join up and add your expertise!! we have Vent server and game server as well! Good times!! Hope all is well with you!!

Aaro Viertiö: All good yeah. I dont play much except in the tournament. Most likely I'll be commanding a team again in the next campaign. If you want I can give you a shout when it's starting again. how's it going there?

...... so it looks like he is active in the Reality Teamwork Tournament... which is WAAAYYYY kickass! You learn shit FAST in this bitch! I would HIGHLY recommend us getting active in this thing when the next campaign is set to go. When this piece of shit box can finally be taken to the firing range for a swift mercy kill, I'll be hittin' this shit up for sure!!