Author: jabes <hauj00b>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/30/2011 1:09:26 PM
Subject: Friday night AAR

Started off with some RPG target practice and some fucking around on the PICE map just getting used to the weapons. Since you can't teamkill with impunity on most public servers, I used the opportunity to frag mael and fuck his day up royally a few times.

RPGs do not fall heavily over distance, but in the 35-65m range I feel that their fall over distance isn't so horrible, similar to a M203. Looking at some information here...

Proper lesson here is, don't be this guy;

by reading this,

This is more or less true for Project Reality

50 m 100%
100 m 96 %
200 m 51 %
300 m 22 %
400 m 9 %
500 m 4 %

After that, shit was a bit of a blur. Memorable points first here; We joined Muttrah 24/7 and had some fun, but were split on teams. Having your buddy(ies) on the other team is filthy unkosher bullshit, so we had to rectify that after about 20-30 minutes.

Since I mentioned time, I wanted to mention the ratio of real world minutes to Project reality is about 3:1, so 10 minutes of project reality is really about 30 minutes of real time.

Hight, Mael and I rolled into a squad together finally on AAS - Beirut map. this map features Israeli versus Russians, we were on the Israeli side, and our squad was pushing hard to move the ruskies off the map.

We setup position in a building and then got separated. Hight and I made it to the cap point while Mael got killed performing overwatch from a nearby building. Hight and I saw some shadows moving up stairs in the cap (train station) building and we set off to make sure we finished capping. We capped the point, but got killed shortly after. I ran to a staircase to go up, and was killed en route, Hight was camping the lower level, took a grenade or something to the face and then eventually gave up the ghost.

Respawn had us near Maelstrom and we setup covering positions. In the meantime, he had laid out an entire squad and the smoke was revive smoke was pouring out heavily. Since Mael wasn't going anywhere (i.e. pinned) Hight and I set up covering fire and sent a barrage into the smoke. Meanwhile, protecting his northern flank. As we had given up our position with the covering fire, our flank defense was compromised so we ex-filled to reset our defense in another position. A long the way, we picked up Mael and prepared for a relentless counter assault.

Gradually we kept moving south, away from the enemy we observed moving into our position. Our supporting squads had moved up along the southern flank to take the last enemy cap point. We setup shoppe in several buildings and observed the enemy attempting to flank our position from the west. We moved to counter about this time and ran into their flanking squad head first.

While often you will run into enemy when directly attacking a point, you will also often run into enemy attempting to either flank the point or defend your attacking forces' flank. Some of the best enemy units will be those that are counter attacking as often the worst enemy units setup in stop-all defense at the point.

While we earned another 4-6 kills on this operation. We took a small open courtyard and held there for a moment. Big mistake. The enemy came around a corner on us, and took down Mael and Hight. Not sure who was on cover duty, but because was lacked a 4th man (our Overwatch) we were shit out of luck on responding to this in a planned fashion. Both of them went down, I circled the long way around the building and went right through the courtyard without seeing anything. In between gargling blood, Hight informed me that the enemy had returned and was camping on his corpse, most likely waiting for them to 'give up' and respawn so that he could take a weapon or a first aid kit from his deceased corpse.

I performed another circle around the building, Capped the guy camping Hight's corpse, quickly resurrected Hight, and fucking BAM ate hot lead. We wiped and respawned separated again. I took a logi out to the field and tried to setup a FOB. I think this is the time I grabbed the wrong truck or some shit though. We ended up wiping here and respawning near Hight. By that time the map ended.

Prior to that, Mael and I loaded up in Al Jabar or something. AAS with a huge dam in the middle.

Quickly we joined up with our old pal 'Spiderballs' [SHIELD]Hector and set about heckling him a little as he attempted to setup an FOB at the dam. That failed, his FOB setting up not the heckling, and Hector rage-quitted after. That was probably the sign we needed to also rage-quit but Mael and I stuck the entire map out.

Since no one was running APC squads, we decided to go ahead and roll armor. We wiped more than one trans huey and ruined their day a few times, but our entire team was jacking off on a mountainside. Mael ended up with the biggest kill ratio and still got called out for being a brown star.

The Admins for TAR were on the other squad, and they did not seem to have any care that our squads were team killing or fucking goats in mountain caves. More than once Mael cried wolf, and the sheppard never responded.

As the enemy had identified our armor squad as the only effective squad (we wiped 6 or more hueys out I believe) they went on a mission to suppress any armor they saw on the battle field. They Lazed us. HAT'd us. Fucking OWNED us. And STILL we finished as the best squad with the most kills and team points. Really we should have been more upset, or rather I should have been more upset on our treatment there, but it was fruitless. The other squads should have been setting up FOBs, .50 cal nests, Mortars, I mean if we had _ANY_ of that shit we would have been money. Even if we didn't have AA actively manned, we STILL Should have rolled the shit out of these guys.

I logged off after a map change. Mael stayed up for awhile longer, not sure how long.