Author: Creedo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/25/2011 12:15:39 PM
Subject: Most memorable moment playing PR

Whats yours?

The one moment that sticks out in my mind as the single greatest moment for me playing PR is when I was on Muttrah as MEC. We were getting uber-raped by the attack chopper for a good 30 mins, as well as their APC's. I was asked to grab a HAT kit and hunt the APC that was trying to provide a base of fire for their approaching squad on foot. He was way down the street so the only way was either street level to flank the APC and risk being killed, or have my team mate with the rope to take me up and over a few buildings. We get up high with a good vantage point to see the APC and the rest of their squad moving down the street. I give my team mate the heads up and take the shot. BOOM! Dead APC!

The rest of my squad open up on them and make hamburger of them. So I quickly call for ammo and resupplied rather fast since now the attack chopper has the drop on our position and lets his gunner hammer us from WAY above. This guy was just hovering from what looked like 2000 feet elevation as still as a hummingbird. I heard in my headphones in broken marblemouthed Finnish accent (my SL was from Finland). Take out that fucking chopper now now NOW!! He didnt have to ask me twice. I took careful aim at the tiny grey chopper shaped dot against the blue sky and fired. What seemed like 10 seconds of heart pounding profanity prayers was rewarded with a beautiful high altitude explosion over the sea!

Goddamn that was awesome!