Author: tunnelrat <rxfoster@gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/5/2011 6:34:52 PM
Subject: MCMMO Stuff

Okay, the server space issue (200+GB of backups - my bad =( ) caused the file to be overwritten. This means that all of your shit be gone. This file, unfortunately, is not part of the backup (which I will be fixing tonight).

The good news is, most people don't/haven't played enough for this to be an issue, but I know some of you lost some serious skill levels/exp. Without being a douche, please let me know an estimate of what you lost... I will manually edit the file and replace your skill points.

MCMMO is here:

We are currently running mcMMO 1.0.05, as there are issues with some of the newer releases, and mcMMO along with several other plugins are moving to a SQL backend (which we currently do not have)

As soon as we can upgrade (after they fix the lag issues with the new stuff), we will

Recent changes include:

- Repair Customizations (not sure what this means/does, but YAY because repairs is cool mkay)

- Mushroom XP (herbalism) was reduced from 40 to 25, and then down to 15 (probably because of the huge Mushroom farms in the nether, and the fact that Mushrooms now spread) SO if you want to work herbalism fast, get to it now.

- Spawner-spawned mobs no longer give XP. This is super gay as I built a training area with a spider spawner that was totally sweet. Again, if you want to train swords/axes/bows up, do it to it (Spider Spawner Trainer is accessible via the Nether, look around the highway system, it is marked with a sign - or go to the Pirate Bay and its off a tunnel straight down from TPB portal)

- Fire rate limiter is adjustable (I will tweak this to suck less when we upgrade)

- Taming XP received from your wolves doing damage (previously only generated by them TAKING damage - i.e., gay)

- Wolves no longer invincible to players (this may not affect us, as we are pretty backleveled)

- A bunch of supposed performance improvements

Anyway, mcMMO rocks, check it out.