Author: Infernal <>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/14/2011 5:35:20 AM
Subject: fcking nether coords

so the goddamned nether origin was right near my gate.. fine.. i did the math and made a new portal at least 128 units in x and z from the normal world origin.. this shoulda mapped to 16,16 since i established that in the nether, I couldn't place any blocks within -16 to 16 in either x and z.

this SHOULD have put my portal outside the nether protected area. instead it connected me to the existing portal in nether. fine I disabled the nether side gate and used /home to get back. I went and used my portal. the new one is only like BELOW the original and over a bit.

the x8 compression seems fucked..

nether coords: x= 13,z = 9
real world coords: x = 203, z = 127