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Date: 4/27/2011 9:16:09 AM
Subject: RE: What do I need? - Picecraft guidelines:

just log in to

If MC has an update, I suggest postponing it until you try to connect to the server. I will update it asap when an update is released, but if MC client prompts for an update - skip it once. Go to, if you are able to log in, the server isn't updated yet. If you can't log in, it's probably updated so go back out and update your client.

Current version is 1.5

Do a search for Mod-Loader 1.5, and Zans minimap 1.5. If you have 7-zip (if not, get it) you can open the minecraft.jar. Just read the instructions on the Modloader/Zans pages.

As far as rules, it's pretty simple. Right now, it's honor system... don't build near other players unless you talk to them first. The map is absolutely enormous, infinite room to build. Once you stake out an area, try to put up a sign and maybe boundary markers when you can. The reason to stay a good distance away from other players structures is because they may have plans to expand, and most people have a pretty extensive mine under their house(s).

Don't take anything without permission. Generally it's good to stay out of other people's houses unless they are cool with it. Main reason being creeper battalions, and some people have areas they prefer to remain private (thieveses, vandalses, etc)

Invite as many people as you want, but only those who you trust to conduct themselves accordingly. I mean, if they are batshit insane, fine... as long as they aren't griefers or thieves. We do need a lot more people, so bring em!

No cheating. It's no longer an issue, and it's a lot tougher to exploit, but the possibility always exists. It ruins it for everyone.

If you want to set up traps in your territory, just throw up some warning signs. After that, it's trespasser beware.

We aren't PvP yet, but we may go that way... not really as a rule, but enabling player vs player damage. When that happens, we'll have rules for it, and mods to manage it. If enough people object, we may try to limit it to certain areas or arenas, etc.

I will post a more comprehensive guideline list... right now, the only active confirmed game admin is Astanyx... until we add a few more, he's basically Admiral Adama, he is judge, jury and executioner for shit weasels. We have never had to perma-ban anyone, and I don't expect we ever will as long as people continue to be selective about their invites. If we ever go public it will be with a spawn-jail, registration process, whitelist etc... I would much rather keep it to picers.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, as far as plugins, etc.

If you need any help at all getting started, just let me know. Pra3torian and I are on quite a bit, we've accumulated a bunch of stuff, and are more than happy to spread the wealth.

If you are looking for a specific area to build in, like terrain type, etc, or want to be closer/further from main player areas, just let me know what you are looking for... I have explored most of the map on foot and I have flown through it with MCedit when I was merging the old and new maps, so I know where most player constructions/mines are, and a lot of the stand-out terrain features... the big oceans, good mountains/plateaus, deserts, blah blah.

Check out

I will throw a new one out soon. The smaller (~20MB maps) are top-down view. New World is on the left (west) side. Spawn is in the southwest. You will see Infernal's two railways, the spawn is a square with a circle in it, and Nick Coopers massive Parthenon structure is a bit west. You will start there.

The 80+ MB output.png is a 3d ISO view, but it's backwards... essentially, north is bottom left, south is upper right. I am still trying to fix this.

You will find the Old World far to the northeast of New World spawn. It's the perfect cube area. The spawn point there is... I believe... something like X -4000, z -2700ish... that will at least put you in the area.

We are still working on VoxelPort, but for right now, if you head north from New World spawn, you'll see 2 cobblestone pads with some torches. Eventually ships will be docked here.

If you go to the left (northwestern) pad, stand in the middle, and type /depart you should get a message that a ticket has been issued. Wait like 1-30 seconds and you will port to the USS Pegasus in the harbor at OWS. To come back, just stand on the Pegasus and /depart again. Right now, it ports at a short interval, but in the future it'll be like every 3 or 4 minutes.

I would suggest building in the New World. It's absolutely massive, but if you want you can head due south, SE, SW, and it will generate new terrain.

Some time ago, the map seed got dicked (back in Feb or March I believe. So, any new chunks generated will not match up with the existing. You will notice some terrain oddities on those boundaries, but they can actually make for some interesting stuff... cliffs, etc.

SO... get in there and get er did.