Author: tunnelrat <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/27/2011 7:35:03 AM
Subject: Picecraft Bukkit Plugins


So, we are currently running:


Essentials adds in-game mail, /msg, /who, /getpos, etc. I don't have any of the admin stuff set up yet.

For HeroicDeaths, if you want to submit messages, here are the death types:


All start with "%d" which is the character name. I think we can change that, but I haven't test that yet.

The current list is:

#Accepted variables:
# - %d holds the name of the dead player.
# - %a holds the name of the attacking entity (player or monster) for PVP and Monster deaths.
# - %i holds the name of the attacking player's current item for PVP deaths.
#Custom item names may be defined in the 'heroicdeath.items' file.
%d can't breath underwater.
%d sleeps with the fishes.
%d didn't dive with a buddy.
%d failed the submarine auditions.
%d followed the lights.
%d should have waited the 30 minutes like mom said.
%d humped a cactus. To death.
%d poked a cactus, but the cactus poked back.
%d found the cactus refreshingly sharp, and to the point.
%d should not have played around open flames.
%d no longer wets the bed.
%d played with matches.
%d is a candle in the wind.
%d couldn't get to the water.
%d did not stop, drop and roll.
%d is over there. And there. And a little over there too.
%d couldn't put the pin back in.
%d was pasted across the terrain.
%d was turned into a thin red paste.
%d was exploded like a blood sausage.
%d was blown away by that last event.
%d is yet another victim of the pickle jihad.
%d has learned a valuable lesson in situational awareness.
%d got pickled.
%d ate the green weenie.
%d wondered what that ssssssssssss was.
%d hugged a pickle.
%d ate shit.
%d face planted.
%d cratered.
%d did not pull their chute in time.
%d has fallen, and can't get up.
%d returns to mother earth.
%d is yet another notch on gravity's belt.
%a killed %d wielding %i
%d didn't mind the gap.
%d realizes that it IS full of stars.
%d can no longer hear ground control.
%d has left the galaxy.
%d engages transwarp drive.
%d was killed by an angry %a
%d now knows where bad people go when they die.
%d followed the lights.
%d will remember to bring a bucket of water next time.
%d played too close to the edge.
%d died from unknown causes. And they are pissed.
%d has found a new and interesting way to die.
%d forgot to breathe.
%d has sucessfully tested a dispenser.
%d got a little too curious.