Author: Maelstrom <>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/4/2011 9:29:08 AM
Subject: PICE Community Project

Hokai, Ninjate and I were talking about this awhile back.

Basically, surveying the absolute Rube-Goldberg chaos at spawn on the old server, we thought that a semi-regulated community "city" area would be a cool idea.

Once the city plan layout is done, there would/will be sections for people and/or groups to claim and build their own house/embassy/fort/whatever.

ANYWAY... plot sizes vary, single player, small group, large group.

There will be some common areas that aren't to be messed with, and some aesthetic guidelines for the player made stuff... mostly just judgment call stuff, but basically it needs to look decent. There will be a max build height for player buildings etc... purely to keep the thing from being another goat rodeo.

SO, if there is interest, let me know and I will get it started. Goal is to keep it 1km or less from spawn.