Author: tunnelrat <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/20/2010 9:02:53 PM
Subject: I like the lack of teleports...

I dunno, it sucked at first... and then I was like wait... this is effing exciting... hahahahha

I finally made it to my super super secret hidden far-away base of operations... AND found the entrance (which I had hidden too well even for myself. And now I am just like... well... not going out there hahaha... so I am slowly shaping my shit out, and building doors, etc... carefully.

The creepers still suck shit, in that all the below are true:

1. They are quiet
2. They are fucking deadly
3. They decimate approximately a square block around themselves
4. They spawn everywhere
5. There are 1,000 of them at any given time within the same square block

I am okay with each of the above, just not ALL of the above. I think they SHOULD hurt people, and break glass, dirt, sand, snow... maybe even cobblestone but not rock or obsidian.

The repair stuff sucks, but I think that just throwing shit down to repair it is lame too. My wife and brother in law are all hissy fitting about it, it's a bitch okay, but honestly, I LIKE the game this way - at least for now.

How awesome would it be to have roads/highways and build inns and shit along the way?

I mean, stargates are 100% bad ass... but it's kind of like living in a museum vs. a living world.

ANYWAY... Injate, you fucking rock. This game is an absolute blast.

Same goes to all of you who play with and have helped me, just a really nifty ass game. As cooper put it "Moving mountains, one block at a time" hahaha

- mael