Author: Drak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/7/2010 2:40:41 PM
Subject: I Got Owned Newb Style

I was planning on building a 50' high tree fort palace, out of 100% bark and wood, with a ridiculously huge base, and the entire thing totalling something like 3,500 pieces of wood. I got up about 15 levels after 2 hours of hard work, and was inside building it up, when I accidentally selected my flint/steel instead of a block. As I struck the wood and saw the fire light up, I already knew I was screwed. But I frantically tried to put it out anyway. Hacking at it pathetically, I was hoping for Minecraft to defy its own engine and just halt the burning embers.

Once 2 blocks lit up I knew it was over. I thought for a minute then jumped to my death instead of wait to burn above - I didn't have any blocks below me to go down with, because I entered from the top. So I quickly respawn and run back naked with no items, hoping the fire hasn't eaten my stuff yet. I get back to the tree and 4 spiders attack me as I'm trying to break my way w/ bare hands into a block that I put in the way to keep mobs out while I built.

At this time I'm mostly yelling loud obscenities in my house and asking how stupid I could have been to let this happen. The spiders wreck me in about 10 seconds and I die again. I get back to the tree, the entire thing is burning. I successfully make it into the tree. Half of my items are already burnt, but at least I get my diamond pick, axe, and a few other good things back. As im picking stuff up, I get caught on a piece of stray wood and start burning.

I told myself it was alright if I died again as long as I got out of the tree so my stuff wouldnt burn. Right as I picked up the last thing, Minecraft crashed.

I hang my head in shame, look at my computer and contemplate shooting it with my paintball gun, but instead load MC back up. I get back and there is now a burning tree and all my items are gone. I go back to my miserable house, create a wooden till and hack up some grass in the front of my house while crying in my room.