Author: Hoak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/8/2010 4:15:42 AM
Subject: Woo?

Not only that it's an opportunity rich environment -- all the open platforms I've mentioned and many others have an enormous investment of time and effort in them, where the only pay-off is recognition and the fun others have with their work.

And commercial gaming is a show stealer, with marketing campaign budgets up to literally 4000x times the development costs of the game being sold, it's difficult for anything independent, original and free to get much notice.

WFA still has some name recognition, and I know first hand many of the FOSS game Developers would welcome WFA on their work for what it would bring them, which would be a win/win for all parties involved -- too bad all of WFA's Developers are off and 'too busy' doing drugs, working for the man, or fixing Mom's house...

Ya'd thing the drugs would help them get their priorities in order and focus on what's really important in life: WFA!

: )