Author: Hoak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/7/2010 3:11:03 PM
Subject: RE: SS - Open source the WFA code!

There are several capable Developers that have expressed interest in seeing a future for WFA and offered their Programing skills to that end; but obviously as history has shown; there will be no one and no future where there's is zero opportunity.

One of the few credible objections I've heard regarding lack of a future and open code support for WFA is that it's built primarily on id Software art assets that won't allow for a stand alone game.

One practical fast and dirty solution would be to approach the Developers of the many stand-alone free id Tech engine derivative games like Warsow, Saurbraten, Alien Arena, Nexuiz, ioQuake, or even Urban Terror and suggest the port of WFA to their game using their assets.

Many of these Developers would be both flattered and see practical value in having a (once popular) Mod running on their labor of love, as in most cases their play-share and visibility is miniscule and is tanking. While WFA would get a 'new look' that might not be familiar -- would certainly be better and more visible then the one it it has now.

I doubt anyone really expects or even holds anything that even remotely resembles hope that the status quo will change in this regard -- hence WFA's enthusiastic productive Community and exciting future... But if a capable Programer offers his talent and magically access to the WFA source were to appear, I will 'make it happen' as far as a access and support from the Developers to an open platform with ready art assets.