Author: Hoak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/6/2010 6:16:11 AM
Subject: RE: SS - Open source the WFA code!

I'll speak for WFA Fans: 'hopefully someone will at the very least pick it up and port it to ioQuake -- anything would be better then the status quo which is zippy zip shit squat...'

It's just sad to see WFA disappear from the planet; the site is gone, all the dozens of cool Fan sites are gone... If lesser mods like Urban Terror can keep things rolling on ioQuake -- WFA certainly could...

Like Zeus says: 'Sitting on the code makes all the effort put into it worth nothing.' And not just the work of the more visible WFA Developer(s) there were Fans that poured as many thosands of man/women hours into Fan sites, making maps, organizing leagues, ladders and matches.

WFA sustained an entire gaming culture that hasn't been replaced or supplanted by anything like it.

Get the lead the fuck out!