Author: jabes <hauj00b>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/26/2008 9:18:53 AM
Subject: RE: In this lonely corner of the internet...

the types i can't respect are the type that 'innocently' lie in wait to compliment and lay down at the feet of their Aphrodite to proselytize all of her suspicions, convictions, rants and raves. Usually this fails horribly, because women are smart creatures.

the next type has stepped it up a notch and is one of these tyler durden (never has a great villain's moniker been so shamelessly sullied by the internet dweebs) fast seduction students that believes he really is a master. most women also see through this but, there are still a gaggle that can not discern between honesty and game playing. blame it on a lack of instinct, sheltered upbringing or lack of experience; its a pitfall that is usually learned from after 2-3 relative experiences.

next, you have the committed male. lamenting his situation like some kind of bullfrog in a swamp on a humid summer night. he can never be happy, he bends and burns the ears of his targets with alcohol and listerine tinted breath and comes in all shapes, size and creed.