Author: Tonester <@home>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/30/2007 1:28:51 PM
Subject: RE: My Best (final?) TF2 Configs

Too much work to list all of it, but here is important stuff...

The autoexec.cfg has aliases for tons of useful stuff.

autoLoadOn or autoLoadOff will turn autoreloading on or off. Don't need this since I take care of it already.

normSlot1 is slot1 without autoreloading enabled
autoSlot2 is slot2 with autoreloading enabled

modSlot1 and modSlot2 allow you to create packages for the classes (store whether slot1 or slot2 should be norm or auto). Again, this is already done for you in all the class config files. Look at those to see how to use this to create your own if you want.

All of the spy aliases are in. If you want to bind a key to a particular color/team, just type "bind key rEngineer" and that will bind a key to disguise you as a red engineer.

Added a new command +/-spyAtk which is used to auto-redisguise after attacking.

Added a ton of aliases for some of the more useful voicemenu items. Take a look at autoexec for them... some examples:

say_help, say_thanks, say_yes, etc
warn_spy, warn_sentry, warn_incoming

Just bind keys to these in the class config files if you want to use them.

Weapon toggling is enabled by default which allows you to use 1 key to switch between both of your main weapons. You can change this with a simple fix in autoexec.cfg without messing up or changing any of your autoreload stuff. Just comment out the weapToggle bind and uncomment the modSlot1 and modSlot2 binds. meleeToggle can remain the same either way.