Author: injate <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/6/2007 1:14:02 PM
Subject: RE: Drak...ELF?

The travel skills are the other semi-important ones but because of the swift travel option from the start towns the hobbit/dwarf ones aren't really gimped. There really isn't a gimped class for certain races - but for end game skills I think the elf gaurdian is way gimped compared to the man gaurdian.

It only costs 1 silver to travel to the other beginner areas, so you both don't have to reroll. 1s can be earned during the beginning instance I think..

You get the race travel/teleport skills at 25 I think. Return to Bree race skill is nice enough since it's THE center of commerce and essentially the world. The only other good return is elf's, Rivendell good place to be able to teleport for end game.

I've been milestoned in Estildin for as long as I've had return to bree skill. So I map to estildin which is kind of central in the north, and I can return to bree to travel east to rivendell when needed. nothing is to the east but noob areas which can be swift traveled to for 1s (from certain stables only).