Author: omegaprimus <omegaguess>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/18/2007 6:26:43 PM
Subject: ceside!!!!

last month's patch of planetside added 2 new types of engineering, one is defensive, one is offensive

defencive has blockaids, upgrade turrets, cloaked spitfires anti air spitfires

offensive has deployable turrets, deployable sheilds, able to deploy spitfires in enemy base jammer mines

the number of mines increased to 20 that can be deployed at a time

next patch has the new sunderers they had a test of it earlier

each empire has its own weapons
able to bust through shielded bases loads up its own area emp 6 gunner slots 2 tank 2 special and 2 side guns, plus they added a battering ram that knocks enemy vehicals around like toys

also in the works upgrades to hacker, medical and sniper

hacker can drop a virus in bases, hack enemy vehicals that are occupied upgrade sensors