Author: Infernal <huh@what.when.why>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/5/2007 4:46:43 PM
Subject: RE: stalker is not my cup of tea.

runs... meh.

ai... meh..

weapons.. they can get lucky hits with ricochets or poor collision detection against the wall/rock I'm hiding behind, while I get nothing of that sort of luck.

Try playing the game like the game hitman or splinter cell if you want a headache... the ai sees you like crazy, starts firing asap, alerting the other 10 guys around you. The AI HEARS you touch a bush and goes into stalking mode, which because of the layouts... you don't get an easy way to hide alot of the time.

in a mission in the second zone.. I had to save some guys at a garbage dump or whatever.. saved em fine.. was on my way to speak to the guy to turn in the quest after is said quest succeeded... , he stands there while 3 more baddies appear and waste him.. mission failed.

The map SUCKS. it always opens up to some goddamned location you don't want it to be on and its interface is clunky and slow to get anywhere.

in another mission in the second zone I was to save a guy at some bead up house.. great except you come under attack.. this guy likes to strafe side to side and your normal position of being up close to the wall to peer out sideways to shoot puts you in his strafe path. This causes the bastard to MOVE YOU as his body collides with yours, TRAPPING you in a corner until he's done some reload animation. If you are very unlucky, his strafe path will PUSH YOU OUT IN TO THE OPEN and drag you a bit while you are out there for the 5-6 guys to take free shots at. Did I mention they come in close at times with shotguns during this fight?

Stalker is not my cup of tea.