Author: trash <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/12/2006 12:47:15 AM
Subject: how did 30v30 outfit wars turn out?

Seems like it would be interesting, if they'd been more competition oriented from day 1, planetside would have been 10 times the game it is now.

It still galls me to think how utterly terribly unimaginative planetside's objective system is... they chose to copy mmo's terrible system, not even halfway trying to take the best from fps's.

Planetside had so much going for it, that it squandered.

They could have had yearly tourny's of 30v30, with weekly league action... they could have had casual minigames, racing, mario style screw with your opponent racing... with some creative reprogramming, some football with vehicles type game... they had a good vehicle system.

Instead they just made bfr's, making competition worse rather than better.

#1 thing that indoor combat needed was better base maps... the game so quickly broke down into stupid doorway matches... 40 guys on either side of a tiny bottleneck, which was virtual suicide, and almost completely luck in order to break the stalemate. They tried to fix it with guns, but it failed... the problem was the maps... you can't have such large-scale conflict coming down to such narrow fights, especially not with respawning.

With fps's, balancing for competition is the hard part... for planetside, the fun and novelty was easy in a completely untapped genre.