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Date: 8/23/2006 4:52:08 PM
Subject: Planetside 30v30 outfit wars

Kinda cool sounding. reminded me of WF, hence...

Event Details:

After all e-mails are received, Teams will be organized into groups or divisions to coordinate pool play competition. Winners of pool play will move onto bracket play to determine the best Outfit/Platoon on each server.

There will be two different empires participating in an event against each other during a contest. For each event, there will be an Away and a Home Team (The Home team is important as it will determine the ultimate tie breaker if there is a tie)

After mutually agreed upon event dates for each Outfit/Platoon(Teams), a schedule will be put together for teams to plan.

On each event day, teams will need to log in 30-60 minutes before the start of the event to be placed in the correct areas to start on the "old" Oshur continent.

Each Team will take turns being on offense and being on defense with specific starting locations.

Each match will have a specific start time and end time.
Note: A kill time will be established before the match begins to give each team a chance to play offense and defense without the event dragging on endlessly.

The Defensive Team will have a 5 minute grace period to start before the Offensive Team to administer combat engineering skills.

The length of the Outfit Wars event will be determined by the number of Teams who have signed up.

Overall winners for each server will receive an Outfit War Champion Merit (30 per each Outfit); the opportunity to submit a generic form of their Outfit Logo that will be placed within PlanetSide useable by all Outfits; Bragging rights; Website exposure; and In game advertising exposure.

Second and third place Teams will also receive an Outfit War Merit for their respective finishes.
How do you win?:

The winner is declared by capturing the base in less time that it takes the other team to capture the base from you after both teams have played offense and defense.
For example: If Team A captures the base from Team B in 47 minutes, then Team B must capture the base from Team A under 47 minutes in order to win the event.
If there is a tie (both teams capture bases in the same amount of time), then Tie Breakers will be used.
Also, if neither team is unable to capture the base before the designated kill time, Tie Breakers will be used to determine the winner.
When on defense:

Teams will start at the Jamshid Technology Plant within the Spawn Room and will also have the North Jamshid Gun Tower in their possession (the closest Tower to Jamshid). Jamshid and the one Gun Tower will start off owned by the defensive team at full resources.
1st priority for Defensive Team
Defend Jamshid and keep ownership of the Jamshid Base for the duration of the event up to the kill time.
Tie Breakers
If the defended base is not captured by the offensive team at the designated kill time or both teams capture bases in the same amount of time, the condition of the defended base will be used as a tie breaker. Maintaining the following items will be taken into consideration in determining the winner: Generator, Spawn Room and Tower. In the event that the Tie Breakers do not decide a winner, the Home Team will be declared the winner.
When on offense:

Teams will start at the Rashnu Bio Laboratory within the Spawn Room and will have the remainder of the continent within their possession excluding the Defending Teams base and tower.
1st priority for Offensive Team
Capture Jamshid Technology Plant before kill time.
Tie Breakers
See Tie Breakers above
Additional requirements and limitations:

BFRs will not be brought over to the Old Oshur continent. However, it is permissible to obtain one once the event starts if you have the correct certificates and imprinting.

Global communication for each team will not be allowed. Current communication for Old Oshur will transfer over to the current Oshur and will be a nuisance to other players not participating in the event. Using Global communication during the event will get you removed from the zone without return.

Players will be required to be at a minimum of Battle Rank 7 to participate. Any Team playing with players less than Battle Rank 7 will be disqualified from the event.

If a player crashes out of the game during the event and does not spawn back on Old Oshur, there will be specific contacts to be brought back to the event.

If for any reason the event is not able to be started or completed due to situations out of our control such as a glitch with the server, an internet issue, etc… we will attempt to reschedule or postpone the event to another date.

Details of this event may be modified or fine-tuned by a representative of SOE in his/her sole discretion at anytime during the event to enforce any stated requirements and limitations, or to ensure fairness. The details that may change include up to and any of the following: # of players per team; start and end times; starting locations; resource levels; vehicle and/or player abilities; player; scoring; tie breakers; etc