Author: Infernal <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/31/2006 3:00:52 PM
Subject: RE: pside

The router teleport pad takes like 1-2 minutes to actually deploy fully when placed. Without the ability to broadcast (enemy territory) you also cannot inform your army of the teleporters readiness.

I tried PS free trial. I got to BR6 and made many configs where because of my limited 6 cert points I could only be ONE of SNIPER, MAX (dual-pounder-config), adv hacker/cloaker, versatile hacker/ams driver/heavyinfantry, combat engineer, pilot. So.. if the situation arose where i'd need to enter combat while in my cloak cert config I was SOL. I was sooooo tempted to pay for the game to get a full rounding of certs so I could show those fuckers the versatility of my FPS ownage, but then I realised I have more important things to do and that because it is a game where only squads accomplish stuff, I can't just log in and own the world up so much(fucking jackhammer..1shot kills).

So that is why I uninstalled Planetside. There is no single person effort enjoyment to be had. As an engineer, repairing the base and people, i get no cover when I go and place turrets, mines and motion sensors or repair the main base wall guns. I'd just get sniped.

The most annoying part of planetside. The Lasher. The ULTIMATE weapon for people who can't aim for shit. hell just fire it near the target to make them lose health.