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Date: 11/23/2001 3:14:22 AM
Subject: What do you guys think...

about a random tourney setup like this:

A series of 5 games of 6v6. (IE 5 rounds)

Each round all the players are randomly assigned to teams (So no team is ever the same for each of the 5 rounds)
Each player will end up with a win / loss record based on how his teams did each round.

After all 5 games, a last game of 6 v 6 will be played fairly creating (but as randomly as possible) the 2 teams based on player records. For instance if there were 4 people who were 5 - 0, 2 would go to each team. then the 4 - 1 peeps would be split, etc.

Its kinda random but it would be organized match style games allowing people to play with others they don't normally get to play with and probably in positions they don't usually play in.

What do you guys think? Too random? Too pointless? :)