Author: Noob Jones <noob@llama.sux>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/23/2003 7:46:47 AM
Subject: test - "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free!"

"In an unprecedented move by Activision and id Software the decision has been taken to release our multiplayer game, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free!" -

It looks like the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory got shut down but the multiplayer part of the game was close to being done so it will be given away for free. So there will be a new team based quake 3 enginee game but the question is will it be possible to make mods with this free game? That part is not clear yet but I will be keeping my eye on to see if it will be possible. If it is possible to make mods for the game then WF could allready have a foot in the door and might be able to convert over to Enemy Territory. Alot of people will download the game because it is free and the player base will all be after a team based game so a WF mod may fit in well.

On the other hand only a few things are keeping this mod alive right now and a 'free q3 based team multiplayer game' may be what draws the last breath of life out of WFA. So WF can move on or hope that this is not the straw that broke the camels back. I have a question of SS, Static or anyone who may be able to respond - How hard would it be to convert a q3 mod over to ET would you think? Also Enemy Territory will be like WFA in many ways so they probably ran into some of the same bugs that the dev team has but were able to fix them (having access to the full q3 code) so maybe WF would run better under ET?

Just some stuff to think about...

I put the new in b.