Author: Fresh Meat . <mymodem hotmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/22/2001 8:49:22 PM
Subject: Arguing with the wife

While shopping last sunday (GC release day), just for kicks I asked what consoles were in stock. No X-boxes, some PS2s, and all had GCs. I was jacket shopping. I'm gettn me a new console in January.

But... the wife won't budge on the Playstation and I won't budge on the Kiddestation. She likes gaming and she want's a dvd player. I try to explain GC+DVDplayer=same price. She say it plays old games, I say... so? She says kidde games, I say fun games followed with I'd like to see you play MGS. She says Metal Gear what? She says ergronomic, I say I won't buy a purple one. She says you can hook it up to the nephews PS2, I say hmm. Then she says she wants a baby, I say don't change the subject. I say I can hook my Game Boy to it. She says put yer game boy into this, I say ok and the argument is over.

Bah! A PS2 and a baby this time next year. Woot!

At least I won this argument- click