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Date: 11/22/2001 7:38:58 PM
Subject: RE: oooh now its spain

Radio: Nope. I believe that those who murder without a good reason deserve the death penalty. However, people who murder for their own self-defense don't deserve the death penalty. Soldiers who kill during war don't deserve the penalty. And people who perform death-penalties don't deserve the death penalty. It's simply not the same level of killing as a malicious, unwarranted murder. Therefore, I'm not lowering myself to their despicable level.

Mikey: In extreme cases such as murder, I don't see the point in just letting them rot in a prison. Furthermore, I'm not saying that the judicial aspect of our death penalty is perfect -- I realize that sometimes innocents are executed, and a moratorium may be necessary. However, my point is that the concept of the death penalty is good. In other words I'm supporting a death penalty that kills the true murderer.