Author: {wf}shadowspawn <shadowspawn_at_shadowspawn_dot_net>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/28/2004 1:48:58 AM
Subject: The changes.txt

it's not complete, but it's what i started tonight. also it's not formatted. I'm on a debian machine atm and just loving working on it, so i take it everywhere and just look at the code file by file when i need something to do and i'm away from my main computer.

It's not gonna format correctly with a paste; its KWord. (Need to find a decent WYSIWYG editor for nix I guess). And figure out how to create shortcuts in the start menu; tired of having a shell open to just launch stuff.

Again this is by no means complete, and might have some duplicate stuff. but it gives you an idea where I am for it. Currently my main machine is just playing bots over and over.

Also all of this is from the top of my head; I'll be more specific with variable and cmd descriptions once i get into the key files that affect input and configuration of clients and servers.

Changes from q2wf:
New dynamic game entity counter, more efficient
New efficient logic for entity scans
New Dynamic/Predictive entity thinking for entity AI
New 16 unit one-time warning for radius-aware entity thinking entities, played at ent origin
New alternate fire mode, simplifying some WFA weapon abilities as well as normal q2wf controls
Changed fixed ammo counter
New ammo has drop X ability
New "drop all" command, drops a pack with a golden shell containing all player's ammo
New decoys watch what's going on :)
New decoy placement sounds have timer to stop event spam
Changed/New shock effects from qdevils for items work again, all shocked items reset after normal spawn time
New original bolted hyper-blaster introduced as alt hyperblaster
New nurse's dart now again repairs sentries
New vector math for velocity checks, original error in code since the beginning of time (including wfa)
New radius variabe to bring q2wf radius checks to q3wfa world/player scale
New gernades, packs, deployables now have scalable player velocity factored in (server option)
Changed file subsystem for I/o
New player max self propelled velocity limits (server option)
New player mass is relative to max velocity (server option)
New included node files can be bypassed for custom ones
New maps support gametype-specific ents
New wfa entity system imported (see entities.def) as well as all entity functions, all entities assume q3wfa default settings, functions, standards.
Changed gas/drunk grenade moved to client-side, locked
New blend system, locked (server option)
Changed bob/roll locked (server option)
Changed megachaingun sends 1 event per frame (was 5)
Changed plasmabomb sends one event (was 12!)
Changed laserball spawns no events (EF_)
Changed lasercutter sends one event
Changed pellet explosives send one event
Changed jetpack moves view pitch, yaw, and roll
Changed debris subsystem now event parm
Changed feedback events to cgame
Changed weapons.cfg holds grapple settings
New buttons (+button3, +grapple, +zoom)
New client-side variables
Changed zoom fixed, will adhere to cg_zoomfov and reset to cg_fov after effects rather then 90
New Event feedback, playerstate events, awards.
New huds, cg_hud (x) variable
Changed MOCK fixed, database adjusted, supports quake3 model/skin file structure
Changed MOD, logfile changed to support AEStats
Changed Compass to client-side
Changed Mercenary class will switch to loosing team if <2 exist on server at each spawn
New thinking for homing rockets, more efficient
New Predictive network-saving event broadcast system
New/Changed Hud moved to client-side
New sub-arrays for edict structure
Changed all q2-based code segregated from WF code
New project file, better ordered
New effects, old effects re-enabled
New plasmabomb effects, kami effects
New sniper-rifle lasersight code, more predictive (just as accurate)
New content, surface flags
New external entity loading subsystem
New configuration (wfserver.ini) file subsystem
New Tons of loading status prints added to server startup, client startup
New Pure system enabled (client-side pk3 integrety checking)
Changed Laser uses sampled origin comparison for damage prediction
New Sound and events adhere to new BSP/Vis-Portal fat/thin specifications
New Grapple physics: more predictive,new collision detection, speed
Changed wfserver.ini now scans for actual maps before committing
Changed ctf loads by default
Changed DMFlags, WFFlags now wfserver.ini variables
Changed banlist is more efficient
Changed Ref has WFA style ref commands (see wfa handbook)
Changed tons of effects
New ALT FIRE (server option):
Rocket Launcher: Homing
Napalm RL: Homing Trigger
Sentry Killer: Non-Thinking
Stinger: Predictive Homing
Grenade Launcher: Mortar projectile ala WFA
Hyperblaster: Bolted Hyper Blaster ala K2
Mega Chaingun: WFA Spread
Infected Dart Launcher: WFA Drug System, Dart physics
Armored Dart Launcher: WFA Dart Physics
Cluster Rocket Launcher: Staggared velocity/count/timed grenades (vs Synched)
Blaster: Sorta a 1/2 assed cheesy contact weapon

Changes from WFA:
It's just best to read the q2wf or ingame manual

Changes from fusion:
Added WFS/CVS Header Text
Rewrote approximately 99% of the game core code
Ported in all of q2wf code concept, all rewritten (99%)
Added in Jalisko's splitmodel code for md3 player support
Added in Jalisko's Acebot port, and modified the AI core to support wf code base
Added in external entity loading subsystem, ala tf style
Added in wfconfig subsystem, loads and checks all variables for sanity before committing
Changed/adapted entity edict structure to support playerstate network events
Changed/adapted playermovement prediction structure to accommodate WF/WFA style
Changed event priorities in game to accommodate wf spammage
Fixed spawning functions for players
Added in client warmup function
Added in clipping for spectators
Added in new support for advanced server queries
Fixed allot of weirdness with some ents

Added WFS/CVS Header Text
Added in tons of WF events and effects, almost maxed out event network
Maxed out the EF bitflags
Modified the particle engine a tad
Added in Debris system
Added Sky Portals
Moved playerstate functions into customizible huds
Added customizable hud subsystem
Added server-event specific compass for items
Added 3 flare systems
Added Jalisko's AI node editing support
Added new traps
Added Fmod soundsystem for ogg, 3D sound support, external playlist support
Added Local events for playerstate events (sorta like q3, but not)
Added tons of cvars

Added WFS/CVS Header Text
Added in menu windows
Added in new server browser
Added in player handbook, external xml parser
Added new traps
Added in mp3, ogg (fmod aware) local playlist support (still buggy)

Added WFS/CVS Header Text
Modified console
Modified master server query format
Added to heartbeat list
Changed config system loading, executing order
Changed jpg, tga screenshot support to name up to 10k
Changed demotoavi to same screenshot name
Added/Changed FakeClient code
Modified commandline launch parsing
Added in new PlayerState data to the network protocol
Added in new button system
Changed Released mouse when console is down
Changed default variables to better suit common hardware

Tested development systems:
3 Windows 2000 sp4, dx9b (one with SMP)
2 Windows XP (dxdiags)
RH Linux 9 shrike (Latest kernel)
Knoppix Debian (latest deb distro)