Author: {wf}shadowspawn <shadowspawn_at_shadowspawn_dot_net>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/29/2003 10:10:45 PM
Subject: new alpha up



This is probably (ok, defenitely) not as stable as the previous release. but it's getting to the point where my messing around with the ui/rendering won't affect the server, so server-side/client-server chat/misc stuff won't be affected; i can update the server without everyone redownloading stuff.

there is one big zipped pk3 (12mb) that shouldn't need to be updated often. there is another zip that has a debug exe/dll's, and the cvs is on the same host as the master and uses sspi. the reason it's not on sourceforge yet is because this isn't an official release; i'm not using the slow-assed sourceforge for my active repository till activity calms down on it.

There is a game dll if you want to mess around locally, and all the files neccessary to make it work. DO NOT ASK FOR INSTRUCTIONS FOR YEA SHALL BE REFERRED TO Q2WF WEBSITE!

DarkKnight is working on docs, but it's all pretty much simple. if the .class file, the .ini file aren't in the wfadev dir, it'll act strange.

you need an /ent dir created if you run locally; as it is i put in a trap that Jalisko added that creates dirs from the game dll; i just didn't get around to adding that one. don't be surprised if there's a new 'nodes' dir there.

fmod support isn't in there yet; i dunno how i'm gonna handle that yet. it's tough.

I now integrated Lord Havok's (of darkplaces) master server code into the engine, and rewrote his master server with something I had laying around called 3dms (the ill fated server that the WFA master is sitting on).

This master does work for Q3 as well, better then that 3dms crap. anyone who knows what i do, the master works on nix and you can install it as a service on a win32 comp. right now its sitting on a Nt4 ppro 200.

Anyway, there's an ingame functional (that means NOT PRETTY) server browser up there. Also there is some code for server-based p2p distro to clients for files (heh) that is based on gnotella (not gnutella), the very thing created by the UK AOL people before it got taken down by AOL. basically a 'private' gnutella http protocol P2P network.

so clients can download files from more then one server. it works locally and i need to figure out how to throttle it, maybe to allow client-connections based on p2p but with real clients given priority; so a client can be connected 16 times on an empty 16 player server and getting 16x the bandwidth. dunno yet. but it -does- work.