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Date: 12/12/2003 12:59:49 PM
Subject: RE: lrctf

guys that are owning it up are the ACTF dudes and old lmctf guys , with wfa peeps in 2nd place and 3wave tards a distant 3rd

its still beta , i think theres only like 3 servers, but had some awsome games last night though

[ ] ping:60ms map:lrctf06 players:1/16/2 [ LRCTF devtest 1.12 beta vm+pak ]

[ ] ping:70ms map:lrctf01 players:0/14/2 [ TEXAS LOKI'S REVENGE CTF 1.12b ]

[ ] ping:30ms map:lrctf01 players:0/16/2 [ krazy's lrctf 1.10b ]