Author: {wf}shadowspawn <shadowspawn_at_shadowspawn_dot_net>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/9/2003 10:47:39 AM
Subject: new hud 2mb divx

just shows the hud in action. Remember there are 3 armor types in q2wf; jacket, body, combat. Once you pick up one type if you go to 0 you won't have to start over, you can also pick up an armor type only once.

The hud is a lerping hud. the hud updates every frame, but instead of an 'instant' update it increases or decreases with each drop in data. I might have to factor in something for slower fps, like an incrase based on a ratio like 90/actual fps or something; so if you have 30 fps (which recording a video does to me) it'll increment by 3 instead of 1. or something like that. dunno yet, cause of the way it's written.

this is the source code for the milli hud. As you can see it's not too hard to import others now, if you look at the numbers and then look at the actual in /ui. Why the milli? it's what i use, that's all. You can still use the q2wf style with a cg_ var.