Author: Scud <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/12/2003 2:12:11 PM
Subject: RE: FFXI Leveling

The gameplay itself is fantastic, the hardest part is to get used to a new interface and its simple in look, but complicated in application. I'm having a ton of fun in game once I got used to the controls.

The ability to start multiple jobs, then go back to the one you were on, at the level you were at, is very nice. The Auction and bazaar systems are nice too. I've not experienced grouping yet though. But with skillchains there is a ton of potential (you chain off anothers attack to multiply damage, like a warrior attacks with a special, then you do a compliment skill doing devistating dmg).

So if you can knuckle down and be patient with the interface, then you will learn what a solid game they have here. Buying a game pad helps a lot of people too.

Still don't like: camera swings & unable to choose server