Author: Noob Jones <noob@llama.sux>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/7/2003 6:50:43 AM
Subject: RE: omg a non-fusion post!

I just gave the map a look around and it looks impressive. I will need to study the .shader files some before I can wrap my mind around what is acutally going on.

The first thought in my mind when I saw the animated lightmap was WTF will happen in vertex mode? I loaded the map up in vertex mode and yep the level was covered in the image missing texture. I am not sure if thats a bug or if some extra stuff needs to be added to the shader file like with vertex terrain. None the less that would not matter in TC as you dont need to worry about that.

When is the next TC map pack coming out and is there an IRC channel for TC mapping? I would like to give that a shot after I finish off this WFA map I am working on.

I put the new in b.