Author: {wf}shadowspawn <shadowspawn_at_shadowspawn_dot_net>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/3/2003 9:21:40 AM
Subject: Some low downs on changes with WFA maps.

this is some geeky stuff, and not many people read these forums because they are too busy with worrying about lg ammo, but this is the guts of the game right here and any mapper can understand this, and any non-mapper can understand this also; it ain't that tough trust me.

scaling is a 1.32 normalized difference from wfa. That means all trigger ranges, tracking ranges, splash, pb's, alarms, turrets, homing, stingers, sentries, biosents, proxies, goodyears, are properly scaled to q3 maps/players.

instead of directly porting over to q3, i adjusted everything to accomodate the scale differences. This means the gunner spread is like q2 but in q3, the ssg spread, the ak47, m16, needler, all is exactly like it was in q2 on q3 maps and players. if an alarm was meant to be triggered at 100 units, well now its 132. its simple. it makes sense.

should be interesting since most wfa stuff has been messed with over time, this is pure.

This is radius... not diameter. weapon damages I am NOT going into. its the same as 4.21 lets leave it at that. These splashes are ALSO affected by pvs (potential viewable set) and then los (line of sight) only, except for splashes through z coords (hitting a player above you who's on a platform).

alarm distance: 337 units
turret tracking: 1351 units
sentry tracking: 1118 units
sentry killer track: 1980 units
sentry killer splash: 132 units
rocket splash: 138 units
proxy mine: 132 units
goodyear: 132 units
laserball track: 462 units
stinger track: 1320 units
stinger splash: 258 units
short:1320 units
medium:2640 units
long:5280 units
laser base: 675 units (to kill it)
laser distance: 2703 units
laser destroy:1320 units (for gunner to destroy it)
laser radius: the outcome is fuzzy, ask later.
pellet rocket radius:154 units(shrap is hitscan)
napalm:26 units
cluster rockets: whatever 30*1.32 is this is getting old and i'm getting tired.

as you can see, i used 1.32 as the common factor. This is set as a server var (for now) so I can test things when the online test is available, if it seems damn odd from q2wf then i'll adjust it and eventually hardcode it. Being that q2 code was made for q2 scaling, and q3 is scaled to 1/3 the difference, i was being conservative with the factors and decided to leave them at 1.32 units cause i like even numbers and its faster. or so i was taught anyway.

ok so wtf does that mean?

go find a flat map, like cancer's or goodspeed's mid. drop a decoy or alarm or whatever. jump on it, and do viewpos. note the numbers, xyz coords.

start walking and do viewpos. you'll see the distance from the decoy if you do a little mental math to see where things are gonna affect you.

thats how pure this port is gonna be.

any mappers seeing this are gonna probably go 'eek' as they had to adjust for the constantly morphing wfa; moving this or that back, whatever. these maps WILL play differently.


if you were the productive sort of person and not the sort to just hack, you could grab a few q2wf/q2 open source maps and retexture/re-ent them with q3wfa textures with brush primitives and using a freeware ascii editor, then use -scale 1.32 in q3map2 and poof, a q2wf map retextured to fit shows up fine in q3 in less then an hour including compile times.

anyone who went to the dallas lan or was hanging out in wfa when i posted it saw the first experiment with this procedure in banter, many moons ago. it took less then 30 minutes to convert and compile it for q3; vis took longer then light.