Author: Niall <chrisniallathotmaildotcom>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/25/2003 1:15:18 PM
Subject: OK, SOF2 is causing me problems

i've been playing ctf on the OMC server for a while, but tonight they are on some fuckin mp_dust map that i don't have. where do i obtain these maps i do not have, and wtf are they from?

also, since i tried another server tonight, i am reminded of another problem. My config seems to disappear sometimes, and i'm left as UnnamedPlayer, with half my controls gone. which folder is that sof2mp.cfg supposed to be in? There are least 2 locations where i can find it, but which is the one it uses when i play the damn game!?

Also, why is the pistol not counted as a primary OR secondary weapon!? goddamnit, i have my mousewheel perfectly set up to toggle primary or secondary weapons, and i just noticed that i can never select the pistol. :( BOOOO! I would like to include it in the toggle for secondary weapons, and i assume this can be done easily enough with a lil looking through cuthach's bible?