Author: ]BwS[joeskunk <>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/28/2001 8:49:51 PM
Subject: Gallerys

Cool design, the mid architecture gives grap monkeys and snipes plenty to play with, while a wiley borg can use it to dodge snipes. Dig seeing all my favorite headshop posters from the 90's again, and of course any d im on will try and ambush people so they end up flying into the two big FR posters and hearing that crap b4 they die.

Havent found any bugs...

Lighting in mid and many of the rooms is pretty... bright? Feels like its under grow lights. Maybe some more creative lighting work (although i dig a lot of the gallery lighting as more realistic than a lot of indoor maps).

I(s that still what they're using for moshing music in communist europe?