Author: blue calx <hi hello howdy>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/15/2001 8:43:08 PM
Subject: Urban Terror mapping Q, but can be universal


I'm starting a map for Urban Terror which will be that of a Japanese pedestrian market town (like in the Dreamcast game "Shen Mue" and equally immersive). Thing is, Japanese pedestrian villages don't have all their buildings facing each other at perfect 90 degree angles. They just build their buildings wherever.

If I do this, which is *not* what most maps in any Q1/Q2/Q3/other games' mods do, will q3vis incorrectly calculate vis data or at least do it inefficiently? I remember making non-90/45/10 degree angles in DOOM too much would make a Hall of Mirrors once in a while (like in that bridge in E1M1), and I'm not sure if Carmack has improved upon this since way back when to take into consideration, since it's also easiest to map at these angles anyway and hence just about everyone does.